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Welcome to the home of Dreamers,  Y our dream matters!

The School

As part of the bigger vision of Dream Village, we have started a study program for unemployed youth where they are challenged to dream an entrepreneurial future and are given the training and skills needed to turn these dreams into a reality.
Our core values are to guide the youth to create, connect and be inspired for a better world

The Village

Looking for a place to rediscover yourself and share your memories and experiences?

Our workation retreat is a home for everyone who dares to dream for a better world, meet like minded people, share in a new culture, get out your comfort zone, meet new friends, build new families, rediscover the power of the unknown…

The Foundation

Join the ripple of love, pay it forward or join us share your story, experience, ideas…

The foundation is how we give back to the world, we give out of love and not an obilgation, we beleive in the power of Karma (Giving without expectation) you can benefit or be a part of this journey

what is your need?